April 12, 2016


10 Things We Need From Britney Spears' Next Album

Denise Truscello/BSLV/Getty Images for Brandcasting, Inc
Denise Truscello/BSLV/Getty Images for Brandcasting, Inc

Can you feel it? It’s almost Britney Season. That’s right, it appears as though Britney Spears is coming back with new music from her highly anticipated ninth studio set very soon, as reports surfaced earlier this week that a new single, “Make Me (Oooh),” is imminent, and an album will be issued in the coming months.

We’re all excited to see what Brit has up her sleeve, but what if I said I have certain requests for the follow-up to 2013’s uneven Britney Jean? Would you… hold it against me?

From collaborators to lyrical themes to the lack of a certain Iggy Azalea team-up, here are the 10 things we need from Britney Spears’ ninth album. Click on to see our requests for what is sure to be one of the year’s biggest pop LPs.

#1Yes to lots of Max Martin
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