April 26, 2016


'Cell' Trailer: One of Stephen King's Least-Good Books Is the Newest Zombie Movie

In early 2006, between the final Dark Tower novel and Lisey's Story (a true all-time great), Stephen King released a bad book called Cell. In 42 years of publishing, he's turned in very few bad books; this is one. Cell's got its proponents—who generally hate the cliffhanger ending, one of the 350-pager's few redeeming qualities—but King should've just cut it off at the 20th page and published a fun short story.

So if you're wondering why the Hollywood adaptation's been in development hell for a decade, there's your first clue. Your second clue is probably this trailer. While it's neat to see John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson—stalwart saviors of subpar genre films—teaming for a second King movie, following 2007's 1408, it just...doesn't look necessary. Not in a world with two Walking Dead shows on TV and at least a few new zombie movies every year. Not when it's based on this book. Not even if King co-wrote the screenplay, a role he doesn't often take.

You need more info, though. Okay. Cell is about a "pulse" that makes zombies out of everyone who happens to be on his or her cell phone at this one particular moment. (In the book's About the Author, King proudly noted he did not own a cell phone.) From there, it's just a zombie movie where they call the zombies "phoners."

The movie's hitting video-on-demand on June 10 and theaters on July 8. Tod Williams (Paranormal Activity 2, The Door in the Floor) directed it. I'm willing to at least watch a second trailer.

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