April 8, 2016


Chance The Rapper Celebrates Chicago in New Video for 'Angels': Watch

Chance the Rapper released the video for "Angels" today (April 7). The song from late last year, which features Saba, gets brought to life in the pretty intricate Austin Vesely-directed piece: Chance flies around his native Chicago while wearing a beige jumpsuit and White Sox cap, emitting a chem trail over the city's many buildings. He then lands on top of a moving train only to start dancing. Watch the video above.  

Chance premiered "Angels" on Late Show with Stephen Colbert in October 2015, initially teasing that the tune would feature a verse from the talk show host. That never happened, but we got a pretty scintillating video for the song several months later. In other Chance news, the MC is talking with the Chicago White Sox about becoming an official ambassador for the team, because he really loves his hometown, if you didn't already know that.