April 5, 2016


Chelsea Handler Bares Her Bum to Bash Trump in Another Topless Photo

David Becker
David Becker

Comedian Chelsea Handler is no stranger to flinging off her top and letting her bossom fly free in the name of politics. In 2015, she climbed atop a horse without a shirt to mock the bravado of Vladimir Putin. The post was taken down from Instagram for violating its community guidelines, which vaguely say that men can expose their nipples, but women can't.

On Monday night (April 4), Handler stripped her clothes off to make fun of Republican candidate Donald Trump, baring the words "Trump is a butt hole" on her back and derriere. This time, she's showing just enough to avoid violating Instagram's terms of service.

Handler is among many celebrities who can't stand Trump, and she's going the lengths to show it.

Over the weekend she carried a Trump pinata around the streets of Mexico in the name of her new Netflix talk show, which premieres on May 11.

I'm just waiting for Handler to tell us how she REALLY feels about Trump...