April 2, 2016


Chris Hemsworth Gives Rihanna's 'Work' the Dramatic Reading Treatment

The chorus to Rihanna's smash hit "Work" is pretty minimal and straightforward, and yet Chris Hemsworth turned the new dance floor staple into a prim, proper, stage-ready monologue. Sort of.

While in the studio with BBC Radio 1's Grimmy, Hemsworth — who's currently promoting The Huntsman: Winter's War, the prequel to 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman — was handed the lyrics to "Work," which he proceeded to read in that gruff Aussie accent of his. He delivers each "work" with the gravity of an intense declaration and approaches the song as Sean Connery would a damn Chekhov script or something. Ri-Ri is to be taken seriously, sure, but who knew "Work" could be taken that seriously?

"It was like I was at the Globe watching Shakespeare!" Grimmy exclaimed as Hemsworth finished up his theatrical intrepretation. "It drummed up a bunch of feelings and emotions and past experiences," the actor answered. 

It drummed up a bunch of feelings and emotions and past experiences for us, too, Chris. (Not really. That was silly as hell.) Watch Hemsworth try his hand at Rihanna's work above, and check out The Huntsman: Winter's War in theaters on April 22.