April 6, 2016


CNBLUE Expands Music Palette With Grooving 'You're So Fine' Single, 'Blueming' EP

For years, CNBLUE has been known in the K-pop scene as the No. 1 band for feel-good rock-pop. But last year's "Cinderella" single and 2gether album saw the group embrace an electro-pop sound. Similar to how Maroon 5 (whom the group has earned many comparisons to) went in a new direction a few years into their career, CNBLUE continues to expand its musical palette with a disco-tinged new single and ambitious EP.

"You're So Fine" sees the group incorporating feel-good brass and horns, making for a disco-tinged sound that fits singer Jung Yonghwa's voice like a glove, and works just as well as his members adding backing vocals on the chorus. The soulful sound has been in the K-pop scene for a minute, but CNBLUE finds a way to make it sound fresh compared to its contemporaries in a song that feels like a continuation of a sound explored in the 2gether track "Hold My Hand."

The new single finds a nice home with its accompanying music video, as the quartet appears to be lounge singers—which is perfect for their new track's sound—all clamoring over a guest who comes into the lobby.

"You're So Fine" is the lead single from the group's new Blueming EP, a release composed entirely by the band that further spotlights how hard they're pushing themselves creatively. The band's guitarist Lee Jonghyun composed the standout "The Seasons" and sees them moving their sound into ska territory. 

Meanwhile, "Without You" is classic CNBLUE and the first K-pop song composed by bassist Lee Jungshin. Perhaps most exciting for international fans is how "Stay Sober" is entirely English, indicating the group's growing crossover potential. We have a feeling it won't be long until we see CNBLUE at a festival like SXSW.

You can stream Blueming via Spotify below: