April 10, 2016


Conan O'Brien Makes K-Pop Debut, Hosts 'Late Night' From North Korea: Watch

In Conan O'Brien's latest foreign adventure, the late night host traveled to South Korea to make his K-pop debut. Alongside Walking Dead star Steven Yeun, Coco stars in the ridiculous video for "Fire," the latest raging K-Pop tune from J.Y. Park, Jimin Park and Wonder Girls. Watch O'Brien wear bell bottoms and go-go dance like a fool in the video, above.

But Conan didn't stop there: He made a trip to the demilitarized zone between South Korea and its shadowy neighbor to the north, filming North Korea's very first episode of late night television. In a segment that can be quickly summarized as dangerously funny, it's safe to assume that North Korea's dear leader, Kim Jong-Un, was most displeased by the orange-haired comedian delivering quips in his backyard. Watch the daredevil comedy act below.