April 27, 2016


D'Angelo Covers Prince's 'Sometimes It Snows in April' on 'Fallon': Watch

Prince's death last week has inspired tributes from artists across the industry, but D'Angelo's rendition of the singer's "Sometimes It Snows in April," performed Tuesday night on the Tonight Show, just might be the most gripping of all. 

D'Angelo gives the piano ballad a really visceral weight as he's joined by Maya Rudolph and Gretchen Lieberum, who provide back-up vocals as their Prince cover-group, Princess. Watch the video above and try not to shed a tear. That's a legitimate dare. 

Since his death at the age of 57, Prince's memory has continued to persist in more than a few ways: Yesterday, it was announced that his former backing-band, The Revolution, is reuniting to play shows. Last week, Mariah Carey lit up Paris with another heartfelt tribute, and Saturday Night Live paid homage to the singer by way of a commemorative episode titled Goodnight Sweet Prince.