April 4, 2016


Watch Daniel Radcliffe's Farting Corpse in 'Swiss Army Man' Trailer

I was just sitting here, minding my business, eating my lunch, when I came across the trailer for Swiss Army Man, the Daniel Radcliffe–starring film that prompted some walk-outs when it premiered at Sundance in January. It's the same movie that was regarded as the "farting corpse movie," or the movie that is "one long fart joke." I had to put my lunch on hold.

In the film, Paul Dano's marooned character Hank is preparing to hang himself when he discovers Daniel Radcliffe's corpse washed up on the shore. He befriends the dead body, which farts when they first meet, and it starts talking back to him as a figment of his imagination. Hank finds a new life on the island, using the corpse as a Swiss Army Knife of sorts, using it to chop trees and ride like a Jetski. 

Make of it what you will, but there's nothing like seeing Radcliffe's blank expression as Hank plays puppeteer with a dead guy. Swiss Army Man will be released on June 17.