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9 Bands That Wouldn't Exist Without Deftones

From dreamy side projects to influential '00s post-hardcore and today's most inventive rock acts, here are the bands who have learned everything from the iconic California quintet

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San Francisco's Weekend (not to be confused by the Weeknd, not that they ever would be) are major Deftones fans. They talk about it often and even manage to work that influence into their recordings... an impressive feat when considering the type of music they make. They're a noisey shoegaze band through-and-through, so instituting an ugly-pretty alt-metal sound isn't easy to do, but they manage. 

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Deafheaven take their admiration for Deftones and turned it into something uniquely their own. They too play with delicate sonic subtleties that tend to erupt into black metal screams. Perhaps the juxtaposition of those moments are even more extreme than the kind of stuff you'd find on White Pony, but the foundation is the same.

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Philly punks Nothing is another new act taking its total Deftones-worship to new heights. Like the two bands we just mentioned, this group shape-shifts really grotesque, hazy, gothic gestures into meticulous moments.

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It's not all new acts! There was a period in the early '00s where post-hardcore was going strong (long before the word was associated with the metalcore acts you know and love today, like Pierce the Veil and Bring Me The Horizon). One of those bands was the hyper-literate Thursday, who definitely learned a thing or two about meaty soundscapes from Deftones.

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Sister band to Thursday is Thrice. They were perhaps the nerdier of the two, and definitely the more metal of the duo. Their Deftones influence extends past theory.

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Crosses, stylized as †††, is Deftones frontman Chino Moreno's witch house project, so, like, it literally couldn't exist without his first band. If you love his main squeeze but crave something a little bit gothier, they are the band for you.

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Team Sleep

Another Moreno side project. Team Sleep takes that iconic Deftones turns into something delicate instead of heavy and delicate, softer on the ears for those who dislike the macho metal stuff.

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One thing you've might've noticed about this list is that it's literally all dudes. If you go to a Deftones gig, you'll probably observe that the overwhelming population of attendees around you appear to be male, which is a problem, but that shouldn't sway your love of the band. There are a plethora of female-fronted acts holding it down for the gender; FACE OFF are near the top of the list.

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Dead End Amelia

Another female-fronted group is Dead End Amelia. They lean on the more emo-side of Deftones influence, and we're not complaining.


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