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Demi Lovato and Miguel have written a song together. And while we haven't heard the ditty—which I assume will be a slow jam to showcase their smooth voices—let's go ahead and assume it will be the sexiest thing we'll ever encounter.

Why? Because Demi's whole shtick with her last album was finding her inner confidence while also discovering love for her body. She worked out, she wore lots of bathing suits, she started a skincare line that made your face all dewy and shiny... like I said, sexy.

Miguel did the same with his last album, although he upped the kink a little bit more. Hello! "Coffee"? (I'll never forget the time he locked eyes with me from the stage and made love with my soul, but that's another story for another time.)

Anyway, the task at hand is deciding on how sexy this upcoming tune is going to be. Vote now!