April 18, 2016


I Went to Drake's 'Views' Pop-Up Shop & All I Got Was a (Free) T-Shirt

Bianca Gracie for Fuse
Bianca Gracie for Fuse

Whether you like him or not, one cannot deny the cultural impact of Drake. So when the 6 God tweeted an ominous announcement about an NYC event happening at 4 p.m. on Monday (Apr. 18), I scarfed down my bento box, threw on some red lipstick (one of my major keys to success) and hopped in a Lyft to head straight toward 136 Bowery.

I arrived around 3:30 p.m. and was met with one of the most intense lines of people I've ever seen; at least eight blocks of people were waiting patiently, and I had to join them. But I stuck it out for two hours just to say that I survived the Drake pop-up shop experience. And hey, at least I got a cute (and free) t-shirt? Check out some of my observations below:

  • People are already talking about reselling their t-shirts within 30 minutes of my arrival...what a time!
  • A young man keeps circling the block in attempt to sell weed brownies. The hustle game is strong in NYC.
  • It is HOT out here! How am I supposed to look cute for pictures if I'm a sweaty mess?
  • This humidity is not helping my curls stay on fleek...
  • I'm seeing way too many The Life of Pablo shirts from Kanye West's pop-up shop and not a lot of OVO gear. This was the only shade that could save me from the heat.
  • I'm surrounded by way too many high-schoolers. I hope I look cool enough!
  • Poor things, these kids really think Drake is about to make an appearance at this shop.
  • I don't want to break their hearts though.
  • Did I smudge my red lipstick....?
  • There was speculation this will be a listening party, but that rumor quickly got shut down.
  • Why are there so many teenagers here? Aren't they supposed to be in class right now?
  • I'm halfway towards the finish line and I'm quickly losing faith...
  • It is very difficult to toggle between two snapchat accounts at the same time.
  • I can't stop SWEATING!!
  • Lines are definitely not my thing!
  • I really want to leave this line, but I know Drake would want me to push through. So that's what I'm going to do.
  • We make it around the corner...I SEE THE LIGHT!
  • Resellers are continuing to make their bids next to 135 Bowery's entrance.
  • These poor security guards reveal they won't be getting a free t-shirt, and I feel empathy for some reason.
  • Okay, we're about to head in! Suddenly a wave of emotions (or the power of the 6 God) rush over me.
  • The inside of the pop-up shop is incredibly small and barely decorated; well, that's a bummer.
  • There is no new Drake song playing. In fact, there isn't any music at all.
  • I receive my black 'Views' t-shirt in under one minute. It was truly all a blur.
  • Damn, there are only larges left!
  • Well, I'll just use it as a sleeping shirt for bedroom purposes—something Drake would probably approve of.
  • My white wristband gets snapped off as quickly as I retrieved my t-shirt. So ruthless!
  • A friend asks if I want a photo near the 'Views' x Beats by Dre' sign and I quickly oblige. I'm not going through all of this without getting my photo op!
  • After two strenuous hours, I leave Drake's pop-up shop with my 'Views' bag and my head held high

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