April 29, 2016


The 36 Best Lyrics on Drake's 'Views'

C Flanigan/Getty Images
C Flanigan/Getty Images

Views has landed, and gah-damn is Drake on fire this time. The new album's a sprawling collection of sounds and thoughts, but it hangs remarkably together as a Toronto-flavored compendium of Drake's life in the time since 2015's If You're Reading This It's Too Late and What a Time to Be AliveRead our track-by-track Views impressions, see how the Internet's reacting, and enjoy the 36 best lyrics right here—listed, not ranked.

1. From "Views":
If I was you, I wouldn't like me either

2. From "U With Me?":
I made a career off reminiscing

3. From "Pop Style":
MVP, MVP, '09 all the way to '16
Even next season lookin like a breeze
Lot of y'all ain't built for the league, yeah
Trade you off the team while you in your sleep, yeah
Y'all showed me that nothin's guaranteed

4. From "Keep the Family Close":
All of my "let's just be friends" are friends I don't have anymore
How do you not check on me when things go wrong
Guess I should've tried to keep my family closer
Much closer

5. From "Weston Road Flows":
First-Take Drake
You know I rarely have to take-two it
And they still take to it

6. From "Hype":
6 cold like Alaska
Views already a classic

7. From "Childs Play":
Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?
You know I love to go there
Say I'm actin light-skinned
I can't take you nowhere
This a place for families that drive Camrys and go to Disney
They don't need to know all of our business."

8. From "Views":
They'd rather run up on me than towards they goals

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9. From "Redemption":
Master bedroom, where we get it poppin
Just ignore all the skeletons in my closet
I'm a walkin come-up, I'm a bank deposit
Sell my secrets and get top dollar

10. From "U With Me?":
And my house is the definition
Of alcohol and weed addiction


11. From "Grammys":
Tell me how you really feel
Tell me how you really feel
I would ask you what's the deal
But you don't even got a deal
Most n---as with a deal
Couldn't make a greatest hits
Y'all a whole lot of things
But you still ain't this

12. From "Hype":
They want be on TV right next to me
You cannot be here right here next to me
Don't you see Rih-Rih right next to me?

13. From "Weston Road Flows":
Your best day is my worst day 

14. From "Views":
Fuck bein all buddy-buddy with the opposition
It's like the front of the plane, n---a, it's all business
But I haven't flown with y'all boys in a minute 

15. From "U With Me?":
I group-DM my exes

16. From "Hotline Bling": 
You should just be yourself 
Right now, you're someone else

17. From "Hype":
They always dyin to mention me
They gotta gooo, they gotta gooo
They gotta die out eventually
I cannot give em no empathy
I'mma have B's when I'm 70
They cannot fuck with the legacy

18. From "Redemption":
Why do I want an independent woman to feel like she needs me?

19. From "Faithful":
On my way from the studio, so get undressed
Let's do the things that we say on text
I want to get straight to the climax
Have you comin all summer like a season pass

20. From "Keep the Family Close":
Everybody that I met on the way tries to get in the way
I'm foodin and servin em all like I'm workin minimum wage
Someone up there must just love testin my patience
Someone up there must be in need of some entertainment

21. From "Hype":
My enemies wanna be friends with my other enemies
I don't let it get to me

22. From "Views":
Lately I just feel so out of character
The paranoia can start to turn into arrogance
Thoughts too deep to go work em out with a therapist
I get a blank page when I try to draw a comparison

23. From "Still Here":
I don't need no pill to speak my mind, I don't need that
I make people pay me for my time, yeah, I need that
And I see your girl like all the time, all the time, though
I can't tell you if she's yours or mine, but I do know

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

24. Future on "Grammys":
I wear the chain like a bowtie

25. From "Too Good":
Last night, I think I lost my patience
Last night, I got high as your expectations

26. From "Hype":
I don't run out of material
You shouldn't speak on me, period
You try to give 'em your side of the story
They heard it, but they weren't hearin it

27. From "Childs Play":
"How many girls have slept in this bed?"
Say a different number than the one that's in my head

28. From "Hype":
My enemies want to be friends with my other enemies
I don't let it get to me

29. From "U With Me?":
You like to slide on a late night
You sent the "are you here?" text without a invite
That's that shit that I don't like

30. From "Views":
My exes made some of my favorite music
I dated women from my favorite movies
Karma's such a thing of beauty
I'd share more of my story but you wouldn't believe it
It's far-fetched like I threw that shit a hundred meters

31. From "Feel No Ways":
There's more to life than sleepin in and gettin high with you
I had to let go of us to show myself what I could do

32. From "Weston Road Flows":
Feel like I never say much, but man, there's a lot to know
Feel like the difference between us really startin to show
I'm lookin at they first week numbers like, "What are thooooose?"
I mean, you boys not even comin close

33. From "Keep the Family Close":
I knew you before you made ends meet and now we're meetin our end

34. From "U With Me?":
And on my way to make this dough
A lot of n---as cut the check so they can take this flow

35. From "9":
I got it right now, so I'm everybody's friend
If I ever lose, I bet we never speak again

36. From "Views":
I got a pure soul, I don't do the hate
You don't worry 'bout fittin in when you custom made

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