April 12, 2016


Watch Erykah Badu Surprise a High School Cafeteria

Have you ever eaten lunch at school and had a celebrity walk up behind you a steal a bite? Yeah, me either. But the students of Newark High School have.

In a new video released on Monday (April 11), Erykah Badu saunters into the school cafeteria to surprise the kids with a performance of her 1997 song "On and On." Needless to say, they were a little shocked and couldn't stop yelling.

The whole surprise went down in 2014, but thanks to the directors at the Future Project, we're finally able to see Badu in action. The Future Project is an organization that attempts to put the passion back in education, so that, down the road, students will have more fulfilling lives.

After watching Erykah Badu in high school, turn up the volume and watch her crash Fuse, where she talks about the impact of Nas' Illmatic.