April 15, 2016


'Game of Thrones' Actress Sophie Turner Sings Adele's 'Hello' as Jon Snow: Video

Look, if the cast of Game of Thrones has to do weeks, plural, of publicity for Season 6, they've gotta have some fun with it. And Sophie Turner is ready for all the fun her character, Sansa Stark, is incapable of/prevented from having in the show's dark, hard world. 

Prime example: The 20-year-old actress teamed with Net-a-Porter’s The Edit to perform Adele's "Hello" in a thick Jon Snow brogue, Beyond the Wall–ready pelt included. The intensity picks up steam pretty quick, and gets a Westeros spin with "I must've raven'd you a thousand times."  At no point in the video is Jon Snow's true fate revealed. (Nor was it revealed in another fun press stop recently, when actor Kit Harington took a weird lie detector test about his character's situation.)

After the Adele cover wraps, Turner impersonates some X-Men (wearing Wolverine's claws, she taunts, "Stay home, Hugh [Jackman]—this is the real shit") and passionately lip syncs Justin Bieber's "Love Me." 

Sophie Turner is our new favorite person and we can't wait to see the continuing Sansa come-up starting April 24. (Here's the latest—and by far the dopest—trailer, btw.)