April 20, 2016


Listen To Gerard Way's 'Pinkish' & 'Don't Try'

If you weren't knee-deep in Coachella coverage this past weekend like we were, you might've noticed that Saturday was Record Store Day. Some of your faves released limited edition vinyl LPs, you can check out a list of our must-grabs right here.

If you weren't lucky enough (or live far from a record store, suburbanites) to snatch Gerard Way's latest 7", well, we feel for you. But now you can listen to the former My Chemical Romance frontman's "Pinkish" and "Don't Try" above and below.

If you're a Gerard Way super-fan, you've probably already heard "Don't Try." The MCR man was playing it live for a minute there, and you can check out footage of that here.

When you're done memorizing these bangers, click through our list of 13 things you probably don't know about Gerard Way. Then take our ultimate MCR fan quiz. How much do you know?