April 20, 2016


‘The Girl on The Train’ Trailer: Emily Blunt Knows The Truth

Perhaps you’ve heard The Girl on the Train described as the new Gone Girl; indeed, the two novels are psychological thrillers both centered around missing women and untrustworthy points of view. And just like Gone Girl, Paula Hawkins’ 2015 novel is headed to the big screen, just in time for Oscar season.

Today, we get the first Girl on the Train trailer.

Emily Blunt's character witnesses something important happen before a woman whose house she passes on a train each morning goes missing. The tagline of the film is “Based On The Thriller That Shocked The World,” which is probably a bit of an overstatement, but the novel does contain plenty of twists and turns that the film will sink its teeth into.

The Girl on The Train hits theaters on Oct. 7, and was directed by Tate Taylor, who helmed The Help and Get On Up. Jared Leto was previously attached to the project as Blunt’s character’s ex-husband but dropped out due to a scheduling conflict.