April 19, 2016


HBO Working to Bring Holograms Into Your Living Room


HBO's up to something. On Tuesday (Apr. 19), a virtual reality and 3-D technology startup called OTOY announced that the network, along with Discovery, has grabbed an equity stake in the company. Together they'll work to "fuel development and distribution of original holographic content," according to a statement.

“OTOY is unbelievable!" says Jon Stewart, who has a four-year production deal with HBO. "It’s a limitless mind blowing creative platform. My dream is to someday understand how they did it."

Business Insider quotes OTOY CEO Jules Urbach as saying, "The future of media and entertainment is not going to be constrained by a screen, nor consumed through monolithic apps or platforms."

We're guessing you've still got a while to figure out what you actually want to see in holographic form, and to clear some space on your coffee table.