April 5, 2016


Hot Topic Launches 'DC Bombshells' Line: Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn & More

Your favorite store at the mall, Hot Topic, has been killing it recently with themed limited edition collections. Just last week we learned of a Powerpuff Girls line we cannot wait to get our paws on (looks like we'll be able to do just that later this month.) Today they've surprised us with something that might be even greater...depending on your nerd tastes, of course.

HT has announced a DC Bombshells line. That's right: now you can wear all your DC comics female-identifying faves' iconic outfits...with a modern twist, of course.

In the above ad, you'll see the looks include Batwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and, of course, Wonder Woman. The line is available now exclusively at select Hot Topic stores and hottopic.com so we hope you've got some extra cash laying around!

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