April 7, 2016


Ice Cube Battles Ellen DeGeneres in 'Rap Song or Wrong Song': Watch

One would think that Ice Cube's knowledge of rap songs—and their various titles—are lodged deep within his memory banks, but the legendary MC was upstaged by an unlikely hip-hop connoisseur in Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday (April 6) while playing the game "Rap Song or Wrong Song."

The trivia contest, which saw Cube and DeGeneres guess the credibility of various rap song titles, proved that the daytime talk show host's bullshit-detector is quite astute. Cube on the other hand, was just a bit more gullible. 

Watch the video above. You'll see that the rapper guesses a total of two song titles correctly—"Ms. Fat Booty" by Mos Def and "Kinda High, Kinda Drunk" by Coolio—and manages to blunder just about everything else. This led to DeGeneres delivering a funny quip at Cube's expense, saying: "It appears I know more about rap than you do." 

While Ellen's rap-IQ might not be professorial, she definitely knows a thing or two. Ice Cube should be proud.