April 15, 2016


'Inside Amy Schumer' Releases NSFW Teaser for Season 4: Watch

Inside Amy Schumer is coming back to totally gross you out later this month, and by the looks of the show's newest teaser for season 4, there'll be fluids spilled and many genitalia-centric quips. The teaser released today, so watch it above, but don't show it to anyone young or impressionable, because they'll likely never think straight again. 

Zoinks! What an awesome smut-fiesta that was. We envision a sleazy ride as Amy drops expletives and throws caution to the wind in a very slippery fourth season. In other Schumer news, the comedian was recently cited by none other than Bono as a potential tool in the war against terrorism, because everyone can use a little levity, right? Inside Amy Schumer returns to Comedy Central on April 21.