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The 10 Most-Watched 'Inside Amy Schumer' Skits on YouTube

The comedian's sketch show is sure to deliver some must-see YouTube moments. Ahead of its premiere, watch the Comedy Central star's most viral skits to date

10 / 10

'Celebrity Interview' (2015)

Current views: 1.91 million

"Amy Lake Blively" appeared on a late-night talk show, hosted by Bill Hader, to make a commentary on how female celebrities are forced to act for TV interviews. 

9 / 10

'Sex Stories' (2015)

Current views: 1.91 million

Zach Braff co-stars in this skit featuring a group of horndogs getting pissed when the Scrubs star starts talking about his wife.

8 / 10

'Sex Tips' (2013)

Current views: 1.94 million

This classic sketch sees Amy playing a Cosmopolitan-esque editor willing to stop at nothing for the perfect list.

7 / 10

'Compliments - Uncensored' (2013)

Current views: 2.37 million 

This sketch plays off how gal pals seem literally incapable to accept compliments from one another.

6 / 10

'The Universe - Uncensored' (2015)

Current views: 2.43 million

Bill Nye the Science Guy stars in this clip where Amy only makes a small cameo.

5 / 10

'Football Town Nights' (2015)

Current views: 2.54 million

Amy's parody of Friday Night Lights, that doubles as a commentary on sports culture, boasts one of her most famous characters with her humongous wine glasses.

4 / 10

'Sexting' (2013)

Current views: 3.52 million

One of the Amy's first viral hits, Sexting takes one through the all-too-real mental processes of sending sexy texts. 

3 / 10

'Girl, You Don't Need Makeup' (2015)

Current views: 4.75 million

This bubblegum-y music video also doubles as a commentary on young musicians who pander to young girls' insecurities. 

2 / 10

'Last F**kable Day' (2015)

Current views: 5.22 million

Patricia Arquette, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tina Fey all co-star in this poignant take on women aging in Hollywood.

1 / 10

'Milk Milk Lemonade' (2015)

Current views: 7.22 million views

Released ahead of her stint hosting the 2015 MTV Movie Awards, "Milk Milk Lemonade" is one of the many moments when Amy nailed it and spoke about our current booty obsession alongside gal pal Amber Rose.


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