April 6, 2016


Jared Leto to Star in 'The Outsider,' Thriller Set in Post-WWII-Era Japan


Jared Leto is primed to star in a historical drama set in the chaotic landscape of post-WWII Japan. 

In The Outsider, which is billed as an action-thriller, Leto is an imprisoned soldier who links up with the Japanese mob to earn his freedom, and likely kicks some ass while journeying around the country thereafter. Or as the press release from Waypoint Entertainment and Linson Entertainment says: 

"Set in post-WWII Japan, 'The Outsider' tells the story of an imprisoned American soldier (Leto) who is released with the help of his Yakuza cellmate. Now free, he sets out to earn their respect and repay his debt while navigating the dangerous criminal underworld."

Being that Leto is a performer of pedigree—he won an Oscar in 2014 for Dallas Buyers Club, if you recall—we can expect high drama in The Outsider, and hopefully some of the deranged panache he's been exuding as the Joker in trailers for Suicide Squad. 

The Outsider will be directed by Martin Zandvliet and should enter production in the fall.