April 18, 2016


Jesse Eisenberg Still Hasn't Seen 'Batman v Superman,' Which Is Very Lex Luthor–Ish

Here's a new one: say you've scored a lead role in one of the year's blockbuster films. You'd probably want to see the final thing when it's all over, right? Like, that was a year of your life...possibly longer. 

That's not the case for one Jesse Eisenberg. The actor plays a young version of villain Lex Luthor in the smash Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. During a recent interview with MTV, Eisenberg revealed that he hasn't seen the flick and doesn't plan to. Watch the confession above.

It's not that he's embarrassed by the release or whatever, it's just that he doesn't watch any of the movies he stars in. Weird. While you ponder it all, take our quiz: Are You Batman or Superman? If you need some auditory accompaniment, listen to Fuse's Back of the Class podcast talk about Batman v Superman for an extended segment starting at the 22:25 mark below: