April 1, 2016


April Fools! John Stamos Has Entirely Taken Over Netflix

Have you checked your Netflix account today? If not, you're in for a totally random but kind of awesome surprise. As part of their April Fools' Day celebration, the streaming service has dedicated their homepage to—get this—John Stamos!

The Fuller House star now has categories in his honor like “New Releases Which Suffer From A Distinct Lack Of Stamos,” “TV Comedies That Manage To Be Funny Even Though Stamos Isn’t In Them," "Independent Films Starring Actors Less Rich & Famous Than John Stamos" and—my personal favorite—“Classic Movies That Have Aged As Gracefully As John Stamos."

If that wasn't enough, Netflix also released a trailer for a mock original series appropriately titled John Stamos: A Human, Being. Now this may be an April Fools' joke, but I wouldn't mind if this actually became a real show. Let's face it, we all want to know what goes on in the world of the mysterious John Stamos.

While you're perusing through Netflix to find a C-list movie to watch, listen to our April Fools' Day playlist here.