April 1, 2016


Cirque du Soleil Sues Justin Timberlake Over '20/20 Experience' Song

John Shearer/WireImage
John Shearer/WireImage

Justin Timberlake is caught up in some odd legal drama, as he's being sued by... Cirque du Soleil? (No, this isn't an April Fools' joke!) 

The best-selling company is accusing the singer/actor/dad/tequila advocate of sampling one of their original songs for 2013's The 20/20 Experience track "Don't Hold the Wall" without permission, Variety reports.

A lawsuit was filed Thursday (Mar. 31) in a New York federal court, where the company is asking for $800,000 in copyright infringement damages. The Cirque du Soleil song in question is "Steel Dream," which was included in the show's ninth stage production and also featured on 1997 album Quidam.

Along with Timberlake, "Don't Hold the Wall" producer Timbaland, co-writers J-Roc and James Fauntleroy, Sony Entertainment, Universal Music, and WB Music Corp are all named as defendants in the suit.

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