April 7, 2016


Kelly Clarkson's Original 'American Idol' Audition Proves How Far the Show Has Come

American Idol officially ends tonight after an incredible 15-season run that's become one of the glitziest television affairs in Hollywood. But before we say goodbye, we thought it'd only be appropriate to throw it back to the very beginning to show's uber-humble beginnings.

Watch above as future Season 1 champ Kelly Clarkson auditions with Madonna's "Express Yourself" while performing in front of a rather-cheap looking curtain with Simon, Paula and Randy hardly looking like superstars. A big change from the J.Lo-led panel today with gorgeous audition rooms and high-budget filming.

But perhaps the best part of this #TBT clip? You wouldn't have even seen it if you watched the original season of Idol. Apparently the Idol producers didn't think Kelly was worth the screentime and never aired her audition in the original series. She'd end up being the only champ whose audition was never shown, but luckily the clip later surfaced.

Keep the #throwback feels going with this 2011 interview from the Fuse vault where Kelly told us about her transformation as a performer and love of Madison Square Garden: