April 2, 2016


Kendrick Lamar Talks Basketball With Final Four Pre-Game Show Hosts

While in Houston for the March Madness Music Festival, Kendrick Lamar appeared on the pre-game show for the NCAA men’s basketball Final Four. The Final Four Show hosts were very happy to have the Compton rapper on the program. 

Clark Kellogg asked if Lamar was any good with a basketball and if he could rate his performance. “I’m going to be honest. 8.5,” Lamar said. “We’ve got footage.”

While on the program, Lamar joked that he would smash Kevin Hart at one-on-one. The commentators also asked Lamar his opinion on Charles Barkley’s rendition of “One Shining Moment.” Lamar said,“Imma keep it 100. The melodies was off—that was off the way—but the attitude was 10. It’s about the confidence.”

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