April 7, 2016


Kevin Federline Returns with 'Hollywood,' Skewers Kanye West & Amber Rose: Watch

Kevin Federline, who we definitely all remember for his music career and not for marrying Britney Spears, has returned to his first love: rapping. In the music video for "Hollywood," Federline depicts a fake Amber Rose lubing up to perform a certain sex act on a fake Kanye West.

The "Hollywood" video finds Andy Dick playing a record mogul who disses Federline repeatedly, while also giving Kanye some sage advice on… well, butt stuff, more than anything. Later in the video, Federline walks in on Rose using a surgical glove to give Kanye what he's looking for in the bedroom.

The parody, of course, refers to Rose's #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch hashtag heard 'round the world. West responded to the hashtag by claiming he does not like butt stuff, but Federline's new video theorizes… what if he does?

"Hollywood" features Crichy Crich, was produced by Styles&Complete and represents Federline's first rap track in nine years. Federline, who was married to Spears for two years beginning in September 2004, released the album Playing with Fire in 2006.