April 26, 2016


Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert & James Corden All Riffed on Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'

Beyoncé threw the world into a tailspin with Lemonade, her latest surprise visual album, on April 23. In approximately 2.5 seconds, the hosts of late night TV all worked the album's intense cultural impact into their comedic routines, hitting various shades of cringeworthy between them in the days that followed.

James Corden's parody of Lemonade, Lemonjames, is totally ridiculous, and has the British carpool karaoke champion donning fur, fake braids and faux sincerity as he waxes not-so-poetically about doing monologues for his Late Late Show audience while trying to recreate scenes from Bey's opus.

Colbert was a bit more self-aware, at least: He called Lemonade an "epic response to betrayal" and made a point to praise Bey's ability to keep a production like this a secret, saying she should head up the CIA for her covert skills. After that, he singles out the powerful statements Lemonade makes by diving into a "Stephen Colbert White-Mansplains: Lemonade" segment, which has the Late Show host walking through the meanings behind "Becky with the Good Hair" and other lines from the visual album.

Meanwhile, Kimmel had some help with visual aids by way of emojis to unpack the Lemonade drama currently playing out in the tabloids and on Rachel Roy's Instagram posts.

Who knew a bunch of dudes would get so much mileage out of five simple words in a suggestive lyric? (As of right now, Jimmy Fallon has yet to chime in). 

Ah, the power and the glory of Beyoncé.