April 19, 2016


Jimmy Kimmel Couldn't Trick Fans With Fake Coachella Band Names This Year: Video

Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s Lie Witness News is one of the great recurring comedy segments of this modern era. A staple for the series, which tries to trick unsuspecting folks into pontificating on absolutely fake events, is its Coachella edition.

This year, though, Kimmel's virality may have been his downfall. In a world where the 2013 Coachella Lie Witness News video has been seen 17 million times, people aren't falling for bands like The Vegan Alternatives ("that doesn't exist") and Omelette Bar.

"You are pranking us," says one woman, laughing. "This is some bullshit that you're making up, and I love it, I'm going long with it, it's the best."

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