April 4, 2016


Kit Harington Takes 'Game of Thrones' Lie Detector Test, Dates Ygritte IRL

You gotta feel bad for the stars of television's biggest dramatic series these days. They're always and forever being probed with questions their showrunners will murder them if they answer, and the level of prodding is still escalating. In a recent appearance on England's Jonathan Ross Show, Harington was put through sort of medieval lie detector test re: his character's fate on Game of Thrones.

Rather than a traditional wires-and-hyper-focused-fusty-scientist setup, Harington stuck his hand in the mouth of a big rock with a face...and took a little shock every time his answer might have been less than honest.

Basically, you have to watch this clip if you want an indeterminate answer as to whether Jon Snow somehow lives or truly, actually dies. You can also just read this thing he told Ross:

“I am no longer involved in the show, so any secrets that are with the show I don’t actually know anymore. So it becomes very easy, Jonathan. You’re looking at me like you don’t believe me. It’s going to be so relieving when people actually see the show and realize that I don’t come back.”

Harington said he was on set for Season 6 because he was playing a corpse. “I won’t tell you how many episodes I’m lying dead but it’s enough that I was out there for quite a while," he said, adding that it'll be "so satisfying when you see it and you realize that I was telling the truth the whole time.” 

In other "you know nothing"–related news, Harington is now officially publicly dating actress Rose Leslie, whose character, Ygritte, was Jon Snow's love interest for some time. (Vanity Fair says they've been rumored as an off-and-on couple for four years.) And there are pictures of 'em kissin', just sitting here waiting for you to gush over:

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres April 24, which is 20 days away, which is just bonkers. Read about the showrunners' promise to present the biggest battle scene yet, then watch the latest trailer.