April 5, 2016


*N Sync Member Lance Bass Opposes Anti-LGBT Mississippi Legislation

Jordan Strauss
Jordan Strauss

A “religious freedom” bill is making its way through the Mississippi legislative process and *N Sync member Lance Bass is speaking out. 

In a press release from the organization Faith In America, Lance Bass said, “I’m disappointed in my home state of Mississippi for allowing this awful piece of legislation to hit the Senate floor.”

Bass added: 

“This is nothing more than religious homophobia as legislation. Earlier this year, Mississippi lost Mercedes Williams, a 17-year-old trans girl murdered because she was trans. What is Mississippi’s Senate doing to protect the trans community? Instead of serving all of their constituents, Mississippi is prioritizing the sensitivities of the religious 'wrong' over the lives of LGBT people. I know Mississippi’s community is better than this. It is imperative that Governor Phil Bryant vetoes this bill immediately."

As the press statement reads, the Mississippi anti-LGBT bill would “allow individuals to deny LGBT persons services, housing, and even employment.” A similar law has already passed in North Carolina and has received major backlash.

Read the full press release below.