April 17, 2016


Lil' Wayne Turned Down Jay-Z's $175,000 Offer to Join Roc-A-Fella Records: Watch

It's no secret that Lil' Wayne and Jay Z harbor deep mutual respect for each other. What isn't known about the duo's relationship, however, is that Jay once offered Wayne $175,000 to sign with Rock-A-Fella Records. Buried deep within this short-lived business proposition though, are Wayne's thoughts on the matter: The rapper felt Hov's lucrative sum was a paltry lowball, worth about as much as his bottom two teeth. 

In an interview last week on Streetz is Watching Radio, Weezy tells the visceral story of Jay-Z's offer. It was apparently made in 2005 amid the company of Denzel Washington and Derek Jeter at the mogul's glitzy New York City sports bar, 40/40. Wayne's account of the story goes like this: 

“When I went out to talk to him about being with Roc-A-Fella [Records], and mind you this was years ago, years ago...first of all, he was at the 40/40 in the daytime, and when I got up there he was talking, it was Denzel [Washington], it was Derek Jeter. I was like, ‘This is his clique?’ And they up there just laughing at jokes I just don’t get. He literally sat me down next to him, and this where all that’s going on at, and he sat me right here. Like, ‘You ain’t a part of this,’ you know? And he would talk to me on the side after every joke."

Wayne continues, between fits of laughter, saying "that man offered me 175 [thousand dollars]...two teeth in my mouth is 175. My bottom teeth. So we laugh about that all the time."

It's a snippet of rap history—and one that's indicative of ego and pomp—but it's interesting to see a prolific MC being candid about a once-secret business affair. Also in the interview, which is posted above, Weezy promises more music once his current label fiasco is sorted out. 

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