April 21, 2016


Limp Bizkit Fans Actually Showed Up To That Gas Station Hoax

Limp Bizkit fans would never let a hoax get in the way of having a good time. 

After there was some chitter-chatter online about Fred Durst and company possibly holding a show at a Dayton, Ohio gas station, police ramped up security at the Sunoco on Wednesday night (April 20), even after Durst himself shut down the rumor. Although Limp Bizkit fans knew their favorite band wasn't going to show up, they still decided to post up on the premises to have a good time. 

A local news report (above) showed the Bizkinators just chilling across the street from the Sunoco, munching on beef jerky and chanting at the cameras. Seems like a good time. Most of the fans just wanted to hang out and share their love for chocolate starfish and/or hot dog-flavored water: "I’m hoping that the community can rally around Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit’s music and just make Dayton a kind of cool spot that we could all come to and rock out," said one fan.

Meanwhile, Brian Baker, the creator of the hoax, didn't expect for his joke to be blown out of proportion. After he created a Facebook page for the fake event, other news outlets picked it up. Daily Beast tracked Baker down: "We all just passed it around. And we’re all ’n together now, breaking stuff,” he told them. “It’s just one of those days.”