April 20, 2016


‘The Magnificent Seven’ Trailer: Denzel Washington & Chris Pratt Join Forces

“Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt shooting guns together” is a phrase that would lead to an instant greenlight in Hollywood, but in this context, the two superstars are joining together for a remake of The Magnificent Seven. The first trailer for the remake of the 1960 Western classic was released on Wednesday (Apr. 20).

Washington and Pratt are two of seven outlaws hired by a town to clean up the violence caused by an evil industrialist with… more violence. Keep your eyes peeled for Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Peter Sarsgaard as the baddie (so, not part of the Magnificent Seven).

The Magnificent Seven gunslings into theaters on Sept. 23. Antoine Fuqua, who conjured greatness from Washington in Training Day and The Equalizer, is directing.