April 26, 2016


Matt and Kim Explain ‘We Were The Weirdos’ Surprise EP: Interview

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella

“There’s always a surprise in what we’ll fuck up onstage,” Matt Johnson, one-half of the long-running duo Matt and Kim, tells Fuse. Matt isn’t shy about how, more than a decade into the pop-rock group’s run, he and Kim Schifino still miss cues, screw up song intros and generally make mistakes in a live show that attracts thousands of fans at festivals around the globe. 

This month, Matt and Kim decided that mistakes are what they should be aiming for.

On Sunday (Apr. 24), the duo announced the release of a surprise EP, We Were The Weirdos, during its Coachella main stage performance. The four-song set was recorded completely in between the two weekends of Coachella this month, and Matt and Kim performed one of the new songs, “Please No More,” immediately following the EP announcement.

Matt and Kim’s New Glow album was released just last year, but Johnson says that a break from the band at the beginning of this year inspired the duo to quickly cook up something new.

“We took three months off this year from doing the band, which is crazy, because that’s the longest time we’ve taken off as a band since we started 10 years ago,” he explains. “And that had a weird effect on me, because when we came back, we started doing shows, just in the last month. It was like being a new band again.”

Matt and Kim decided to link up with Lars Stalfor in his Los Angeles studio in the days after Coachella Weekend 1, and bang out an EP with zero preparation beforehand. The result is a more urgent release than New Glow, with some gloriously messy movements contained within its 12 minutes.

“It’s more raw, which I’m excited about,” Matt says of the EP. “That’s part of the nature of how we’re doing it, but I think it also feels right for what we do. You have so much time to keep polishing, but sometimes that’s not actually best for the music. People connect with our live show, and I feel very lucky for that. And we make so many mistakes! We’re so far from perfect on that stage, but there’s some humanity in it that people connect to. 

“We’re forced to let [the EP] exist in this way, too,” he continues. “I still do a lot of vocal takes, but I’m doing 10 takes instead of 100 takes. I’m hoping that there’s magic in not overthinking it.”

The timing works out for a new music release: Matt and Kim will be playing more festivals, including Governors Ball and Hangout Fest, later this summer, as well as joining Ellie Goulding on part of her Delirium tour. Click here for full Matt and Kim tour dates.