April 27, 2016


'Gilmore Girls' Reunion Made Melissa McCarthy 'So Sad'

Rob Kim/Getty Images
Rob Kim/Getty Images

After what promised to be a Gilmore Girls reunion without one of the show's biggest stars, Melissa McCarthy announced last month her plans to feature in the series reboot on Netflix. And apparently, when the reunion went down, it transpired in glorious fashion. 

In a new interview with People, the Ghostbusters actress spoke of her trip back to Stars Hollow in emotional terms, and detailed—as previously known—that her original absence was due in part to a scheduling conflict: 

“For the longest time it was just not going to work out schedule-wise. And once we decided is there any possible way, something fell out for me, something changed for them, and then we immediately nabbed it."

Once McCarthy availed herself to Gilmore Girls, things got a little teary-eyed, if not bittersweet. She said: “Oh my God, it was so sad. I got so sentimental. And it felt like the greatest idea in the world. It was lovely." Aside from reuniting with the cast of her former TV show, McCarthy was honored earlier this month at the MTV Movie Awards, when she nabbed the honor for Comedic Genius at the ceremony.