April 27, 2016


Nintendo Will Unveil Its Mysterious NX Console in March 2017


Having celebrated its 30th birthday in October, Nintendo is poised to revolutionize gaming once again: The company announced early Wednesday morning (April 26) that its new NX platform will be unveiled in March 2017. 

Nintendo released its last console in 2012, but as Engadget notes, the Wii U hasn't necessarily made waves throughout the gaming universe. Nintendo has also been pretty quiet on details regarding its newest product, but Super Mario devotees should be excited that gaming's "next generation" is slated to emerge in under a year:

Nintendo's strategy has recently erred on the side of mobile. The company announced plans to release its first smart phone game, Pokémon Co-Master, on Android and iOS this spring, albeit only in Japan. Nintendo's jump into mobile-phone gaming comes at a late juncture though, largely in response to net losses cropping up on its newest annual fiscal report. 

Nonetheless, gamers can expect five new mobile games by next March, right in time for the release of that mysterious Nintendo NX.