April 29, 2016


The Original 'Ghostbusters' Is Returning to Theaters

Columbia Pictures/Getty Images
Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

The upcoming all-female Ghostbusters film was one of our most-anticipated films of 2016, and it cannot come soon enough. It'll drop July 15, for all interested parties. If you need convincing, just watch the first trailer starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Saturday Night Live cast members Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon here. You'll get it. 

If remakes aren't your thing, or if you're a misogynist or whatever, you'll be happy to know that the original version of the film will hit theaters soon, too.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fathom Events (the event company shared by AMC, Regal, and Cinemark Theaters) will re-release the original film in more than 750 theaters across the country on June 8, a month before the remake. 

Maybe pregame the new flick with the classic? We know we will!