Yummy Mart

Your gaming fantasies are about to get a little bit sexier next week: A Pokémon lingerie collection is about to launch. Japanese lingerie company Yummy Mart teamed up with The Pokémon Company International for a range of cheeky pieces.

The collection, which is in honor of the iconic gaming franchise's 20th anniversary, will include Poké Ball-printed pajama shorts, Pikachu eye masks, colorful underwear and more. 

The Pokémon lingerie line will be available on Yummy Mart's website starting on April 20. Sorry to break it to you, but the plush Pikachu-covered bra and undies set won't be made for purchase (we're crushed about it too).

Yummy Mart

In the meantime, click here for the trailer for Nintendo's new mobile game Pokémon Co-Master, and watch Comic Con attendees reminisce about Nintendo for its 30th birthday: