April 15, 2016


Live-Action Pokémon Movie in the Works

Getty Images
Getty Images

While Pokémon has been a beloved anime for more than two decades, new plans for the franchise to release a live-action movie have been unveiled, which mean every '90s kid is one step closer to becoming a Pokémon master with a real-life Pikachu.

The Hollywood Reporter says that a top-secret auction is underway for the film rights to the Japanese franchise, with Legendary Entertainment (which produced the recent Godzilla and King Kong remakes) looking to nudge aside frontrunner Warner Bros. (who have Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, and the original Pokémon movies under their belts). Sony (The Angry Birds Movie, Smurfs) is also interested.

THR adds that The Pokémon Company has been "courting Hollywood to launch a big-budget live-action movie." 

While the film studios declined to comment for the story, the exciting point is that a live-action Pokémon movie is happening a.k.a. we're one step closer to knowing what a Jigglypuff would look like in real life!

Get an idea of what that world could look like with Pokémon's 2016 Super Bowl commercial that celebrated its 20th anniversary: