April 2, 2016


Preacher: Watch the New Teaser Trailer for AMC's Latest Adaptation

Late last year we got our first look at AMC's adaptation of Preacher, a comic book series that ran from 1995-2000. Today, we get another glimpse into the world of the show, int he form of a new 20 second teaser trailer, seen above. It is a sporadic display of Western wide shots, confused looks, creaky churches, and a man with a severely deformed mouth.

Preacher in television form comes to us courtesy of Seth Rogen and his creative partner Evan Goldberg, with Breaking Bad veteran Sam Catlin serving as showrunner. The supernatural western is set to run 10 episodes its first season, premiering on May 22 after the midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

The show will be AMC's second big investment in graphic novel intellectual property, with The Walking Dead still standing as one of the consistently highest rated cable shows in recent memory. If they can bring the same success to this new endeavor, everyone still healing the hole in their heart that Breaking Bad left may find a little bit more solace.