April 22, 2016


Listen to Prince’s 2008 Coachella Performance

Back in 2008, Prince graced Coachella with a headlining performance on the main stage. In honoring his musical legacy, Live For Live Music uploaded the entire audio from Prince’s live set from Coachella. 

While his 2008 setlist consisted of mostly his own original material, it also included a number of covers from musicians like The Beatles, Sarah McLachlan, Santana, and more.

Most famously, Prince covered Radiohead’s “Creep” on stage at his Coachella performance and a little controversy ensued over the online reproduction of it. For a long time Prince has campaigned for his music’s privacy and did not allow his rendition of “Creep” to appear online, even when Radiohead wanted it unblocked. 

Prince’s 2008 Coachella live performance is divided into two sets. Listen to the beginning of the show above and the encore/ending below.