April 24, 2016


Unproduced ‘Simpsons’ Script For 'Prince Episode' Shared By Co-Writer

One of the original Simpsons screenwriters, Al Jean, has shared never-before-seen pages from the screenplay for “The Prince Episode.” 

In the script, Lisa wins tickets to a Prince concert, but before she’s able to provide her information, a spider descends and disconnects the line. In another scene, Selma talks to Prince and expresses how much she loves Under the Cherry Moon, to Prince’s surprise. After, the two leave together.

There is a bit of folklore surrounding the writing of “The Prince Episode.” Writer Mike Reiss has said that freelancers wrote the script, which was then revised by television personality Conan O’Brien; however, according to showrunner Bill Oakley, the script was written entirely by O’Brien. 

“The Prince Episode” would have aired in the series’ fifth season, as a follow-up to the “Stark Raving Dad” episode, in which the minor character Leon Kompowsky believes he is Michael Jackson. In the stalled sequel, Kompowsky would have believed he was Prince. Although the screenplay never made it past the early stages, Prince did make cameos in later seasons of The Simpsons.