April 23, 2016


Prince Performed 'Let's Go Crazy' With 'SNL' Alumni & Haim

Last year, Saturday Night Live celebrated its 40th anniversary with an all-star cast special. Following the show was an after-party filled with tons of celebrities. The night after, Jimmy Fallon recounted the wild party antics, which included an extended jam session with Dan Akroyd, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift, and many other stars. 

Among the star-studded performers was Prince. In the video below, Fallon recaps how he brought Prince on stage. “So I go, Prince, if you’re here, I dare you to come up on stage,” remembered Fallon. “That’s how subtle I am. All of a sudden the crowd parts and a dude is floating towards the stage."

SNL alum Tim Kazurinsky posted to YouTube a clip of Prince’s impromptu performance of “Let’s Go Crazy.” As Fallon recollected, instead of “Dearly beloved,” Prince opened the song by saying, “Dearly inebriated.” Joining him onstage were Fallon, Maya Rudolph, Bill Murray, Martin Short, Emma Stone, one of the Haim sisters, and a few others. 

Watch his performance above.