April 22, 2016


PVRIS Shares Emotive New Track, 'Empty': Listen

David A. Smith/Getty Images
David A. Smith/Getty Images

If you're as invested in the latest and greatest sounds coming from the Warped Tour as we are, you're probably already obsessed with PVRIS. They're kind of impossible not to love, the songs speak for themselves.

Today the trio, as lead by frontwoman Lynn Gunn, have released a new song today called "Empty." It's a somber, small tune. Listen below:

Gunn told Upset Magazine about the track:

“I’m not going to give too much away about the song but it was very rock driven and really heavy, gritty and aggressive but there was something that wasn’t right with it...When we found out we were doing the deluxe [reissue of 'White Noise'], we decided to open that one back up and go into it.”

Check it out! When you're done there, watch the band make their TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel right here.