April 1, 2016


Real Friends Stream 'Colder Quicker,' Announce New Album

Chicago pop-punk band Real Friends (seriously, can you get any more pop-punk than naming your band "real friends"?) has announced a new album, The Home Inside My Head. It will follow their triumphant debut, Maybe This Place Is the Same and We're Just Changing, and we couldn't be more excited. The guys announced the release by sharing the artwork, tracklist and a brand-spanking-new song, "Colder Quicker." Listen to it above.

The single follows in Real Friends tradition: it's all hooks, and it's earnest almost to a fault. Learn it, love it, then check out the upcoming release's tracklist below.

The Home Inside My Head Tracklist:

1. Stay In One Place
2. Empty Picture Frames
3. Keep Lying To Me
4. Scared To Be Alone
5. Mokena
6. Mess
7. Isolating Everything
8. Well, I'm Sorry
9. Basement Stairs
10. Door Without A Key
11. Eastwick
12. Colder Quicker

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