April 25, 2016


Rihanna Heads to Target Practice in 'Needed Me' Behind-the-Scenes Clips

Rihanna's a scorned sharp shooter in her new video, "Needed Me," and the bad gal has now released a couple of clips that show her prepping for her on-camera gun-slinging.

The "Needed Me" video—which was directed by Harmony Korine, the guy behind the camera for Spring Breakers and the script for Kids—has Rihanna strolling through a strip club and making a murder victim out of one of the dudes inside. In this clip, we see her practice her shooting skills, take five with some of the strippers and geek out over working with Korine. "Harmony Korine," she says, looking straight into the camera at one point. "That is a motherfuckin' dream! I can't believe I can say that!"

In other behind-the-scenes vid, Rihanna gets comfortable on set, strolling through the apartment in her best boudoir attire with the gun in hand. "Didn't they tell you that I was a savage?" she says, deadpan, reciting the most-quoted line from the track. Apparently, they didn't tell the shirtless guy getting a lap dance in the Champagne Room we meet later on. 

Watch the "Needed Me" b-roll footage above, and check out the finished product here.