April 5, 2016


‘Sailor Moon’ Themed Restaurant in Tokyo Unveils Incredible Menu

Chibiusa Cafe
Chibiusa Cafe

A Sailor Moon themed restaurant is coming to Tokyo later this month, as part of the art exhibit on the media franchise at Roppongi Hills. The Chibiusa Cafe has just unveiled its menu, and holy crap, Sailor Moon fans in Tokyo are in for a (technicolor) treat.

There’s a Sailor Moon Special Hamburger with star-shaped tater tots, a Heavenly Miracle Romance Parfait, a Luna P Ball Berry Mousse and an Evil Black Crystal Cocktail, among other items. Click here to see the full list and photos.

Like the Sailor Moon art exhibit, the Chibiusa Cafe will run from a limited time: April 16 is opening day, and the restaurant will close down on June 19. Book your plane tickets ASAP!

In the meantime, check out this revealing documentary about the LGBTQ community’s connection to the Sailor Moon franchise.